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Expat service

Are you an expat relocating to the Netherlands? Dutch tax concerns can be very complex. Many expats do not know that you need to file an M form when you are moving from and to the Netherlands. The goal of LML Consulting is to provide an expat service and to simplify the often complex Dutch tax concerns for you.

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Simplifying Dutch tax concerns for expats

Many expats that are moving to the Netherlands are confused about the migration tax return. But also when leaving the Netherlands, the Dutch tax authorities will ask you to file an M form. Thanks to the expat service provided by LML consulting, this process will be made a lot easier. We will make sure that you never have to worry about Dutch taxes. The goal of our expat service is to simplify Dutch tax concerns. 


Some of the services that we provide concern US citizen and green card holders' tax returns, review of tax assessments and a certificate of coverage. We also reconcile foreign salary income in accordance with Dutch standards, specific to your country.


If you are a US citizen or green card holder, we would like to help you with preparing for Dutch income tax returns through our expat service. This concerns migration tax returns, resident tax returns and non-resident tax returns. We provide services for individuals. But we can also assist small businesses.

expat service

LML Consulting

LML Consulting is a company with a personal approach. We are a young company but have over 15 years of experience in cross-border employment. This experience is gained at several Big4 companies. We used this experience to specialize in the complex Dutch tax concerns. This enables us to provide a trustworthy expat service. We assisted many expats and international students with taxation.


The complexity of Dutch taxation can be somewhat overwhelming. LML Consultion helps simplify taxation for a broad range of people immigrating to the Netherlands. Besides providing an expat service, we also assist international students that are moving to the Netherlands. Many Dutch universities - such as the TU Delft - welcome international students. International students as well as expats both need to file an M form when they enter or leave the Netherlands. 

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Contact us

Are you an expat looking for a good expat service? LML Consulting can assist you when you are relocating to the Netherlands. If you are curious about how we can simplify Dutch tax concerns for you, please contact us. You can find a form on our website through which you can ask questions and leave your email address. Would you like to receive a fee quote? Let us know.

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