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M form Netherlands

Are you relocating to the Netherlands? Perhaps you are planning to study at the TU Delft. Many people that are moving to the Netherlands struggle with Dutch tax returns. This can be a bit complex in the Netherlands. Did you know, for example, that you need to file an M form? LML Consulting is specialized in assisting taxpayers that are relocating and leaving the Netherlands. We can help you with preparing for Dutch taxation. We will make Dutch tax concerns easy for you.

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Dutch tax concerns

Not all international students that are planning to relocate to the Netherlands know that you have to file a form called the M form when you leave or enter the Netherlands. The M stands for migration. LML Consulting is specialized in assisting international students at the TU Delft with their M forms. This form is how the Dutch tax department handles taxations for immigrants.


LML Consulting assists US nationals and green card holders with income tax returns. But we also help with the application of preliminary income tax returns. When you are moving to the Netherlands because you want to start at the TU Delft, it is important to prepare for Dutch taxation and filing the M form. Compared to the US, Dutch taxation is more complex. LML Consulting could assist you in simplifying this for you. 

m form netherlands

Service to easify Dutch tax concerns

We assist small businesses. But we also help individuals with their M form. The TU Delft is well known for having a large percentage of international students. The majority of the internationals at the TU Delft seek assistance with Dutch tax returns. It is our goal to provide services that easify this process for you. 


To easify Dutch tax concerns for you, we provide several services. These concern resident tax returns, non-resident tax returns as well as migration tax returns. Besides assisting you with the M form, we could assist you with Dutch payroll. For the Dutch wage tax returns, we help processing company payroll. When you're planning an immigration for working in the Netherlands, LML Consulting can be your tax advisor. At last, we provide help with applications for wage tax numbers and transitioning to Dutch withholding tax obligation.

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Contact LML Consulting

LML consulting is a young consulting office. We are known for a personal approach. But above all, we strive for high quality and a professional service. Our focus lies on cross-border employment and assisting international students. Do you have any questions about filing an M form? On our website, you can submit a form where you can leave your Email address. We will answer your questions as soon as possible. You could also contact us if you would like a fee quote.

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